There are many many people working hard for social justice in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, on behalf of the Anglican Church. We are always delighted to discover them, and share their stories with others. If you have any ideas or resources, please email, or use the form below.

Our aim is to provide a simple, curated space for resources to help to raise awareness, educate, or give points of action. We focus particularly on our portfolio group areas- Housing, Disability Ministry, Women & Children, Rangatahi / Youth, Crime & Punishment, the Environment, Refugees and Employment.

There is also limited funding available to commission resources that fit the Social Justice Units goals - email for details.

Notes: The key information we are looking for is a summary of the resource in your own words, and how you suggest the church could engage with the resource e.g. study in a small group, add to morning prayers.
If you want to upload the resource, rather than provide a link, then use email rather than the form.