Petition launched for KiwiBuy

Campbell Roberts, a longstanding housing advocate, Senior Officer in the Salvation Army, and highly regarded nationally and internationally has launched a petition around housing.

We offer it for your consideration.

Summary from the media release
Adopting KiwiBuy, a range of programmes enabling Kiwis to own their own home progressively, is being urged on the Government, in a petition launched by Community Housing Providers. The Salvation Army, Housing Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Community Housing Aotearoa are asking the public to sign the petition and create pressure on the Government so a new generation of Kiwis can enjoy the benefits of homeownership.

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Petition request

That the House of Representatives requests the Government to fund a significant expansion of the KiwiBuy products currently offered by community housing providers.

Petition reason

We believe there is a crisis in housing. The escalating cost of housing means many Kiwis cannot afford to buy a home. What was once considered to be the Kiwi birthright, the right to own a home, is lost for many families. The Government has committed to KiwiBuild, the building of 100,000 houses. We believe that housing availability alone, however, does not change the fact that the cost of entry to these houses is unaffordable for many households.


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