Have you submitted to the Climate Change (zero carbon) Amendment Bill?

We consider the anticipated legislation to be very important for Aotearoa New Zealand, and the ecumenical churches Climate Justice Network is giving close consideration to the bill. The bill provides for ‘a just and inclusive society’ - which needs further development, and this aspect may be of particular interest. 

They are encouraging people and parishes to learn about what is proposed, and then either support groups making a submission (such as the Climate Justice Network, or Generation Zero) or make a submission yourself.

To start the learning journey, here are two infographics CJN have prepared to summarise the bill. You can also download them as a PDF below.

cc zero carbon bill 2.PNG

Credit: Thank you for the creation and sharing of the infographics
Rev. Dr Betsan Martin
Chair, Churches Climate Justice Network
Aotearoa New Zealand
Co-ordinator, Methodist Public Issues Network