Further resources on End of Life Choice bill

As the ‘end of life choice’ bill heads towards it’s final reading, we encourage you to browse these resources, and let them guide your prayers and petitions.

  1. Archbishop Philip video

Archbishop Philip recorded an address on key theological and ethical issues connected with euthanasia. The address runs for approximately 20 minutes and we invite you to share it widely; some of you may wish to show it on a Sunday morning during the sermon slot.

2. Rev Vicki Terrel’s submissions

Disability Portfolio Group member Rev Vicki Terrell prepared some submissions on the matter, that you may find helpful.

3. Reader from Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki

Take a look at this comprehensive ‘Euthanasia and End of Life’ Reader, put together by the Diocese of Waikato & Taranaki.

Here is an outline of the content:

1.       Terms and Legislation: a short video; an overview of the terms associated with euthanasia and end-of-life care; some clarification around what Hon David Seymour intended by sponsoring the End-of-Life-Choice Bill.

2.       Care of Dying and Palliative Care: a series of lectures on death, dying and funerals; assorted approaches to spiritual care provided to those who are dying; suffering from a medical perspective.

3.       Theology and Ethics: a miscellany of theological rationales and secular perspectives.

4.       International Voice: submissions made to our Select Committee from a Dutch medical practitioner, and a journalist; a short article considering some international aspects of euthanasia.

5.       The Stories: video-links and select committee submissions from people experiencing end-of-life care or living/working those in a palliative condition.

You can also find a previous resource upload here

Peace and courage be with each of you as you engage with this important material.

Our thanks to all those who have contributed to the material above.