Bank rolling Climate Change

Banks operating in Aotearoa are minimising their role in the climate crisis.

They hold significant power in supporting the fossil fuel industry’s continued development, by financing their operations. As the custodians of our savings, the banks have a duty to take real action on climate change and cut their ties with this industry. By continuously investing billions of dollars into new and existing projects, the banks send the message that this is an industry that it is acceptable to be associated with.

New Zealanders need a bank we can trust - a Fossil Free Bank that guarantees, through investment and lending policies, a complete cut of corporate ties with the fossil fuel industry.

TSB, Kiwibank, and the Co-operative bank currently do not invest in, or loan money to fossil fuel projects. But to reach the finish line they must commit to a policy guaranteeing they never will.

350 Aotearoa are running a petition to encourage our banks to go Fossil Free.

Here are the latest actions and tweets:

They are also organising lunchtime ‘waiting rooms’ outside Kiwibanks around the country, to encourage them to pick up the pace and show climate leadership by being the first bank in Aotearoa that guarantees it will never invest in or lend to fossil fuels.

Go to their website to find the next location.

It’s time to let ALL of the banks know that we want a Fossil Free banking option, and that we will support whoever makes the commitment first.

Intro content credit: Environment and Conservation Organisations of New Zealand, weekly e-bulletin 26/6
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