96 Days Later, Nonstop Church Service to Protect Refugees Finally Ends


When confronted with a complex global problem, such as human migration and refugees, it is easy to wonder what action you can take that will make a difference.

Bethel Church in the Hague have recently ended a vigil that turned the ordinary into the extraordinary.

“Taking advantage of an obscure Dutch law that forbids the police to interrupt church services, ministers at Bethel Church in The Hague had been running a round-the-clock liturgy since Oct. 26 in order to prevent the five members of the Tamrazyan family from being arrested and sent back to Armenia.”

When organizers received confirmation that the family of refugees would no longer face immediate deportation from the Netherlands, they ended the service that had run continuously for nearly 3 months, and involved close to 1,000 pastors and priests.

“I hope it’s a new way of being a church — a new way of having an impact on society, a new way of standing up for vulnerable people,” said Mr. Stegeman, a Protestant Church pastor who has acted as a spokesman for the Tamrazyans.

This day, ask God for his creative mind to inspire yours, to take small actions, that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.