Pushing out the Boat - seminars/resources on offer

Bishop Richard

As in previous years, Bishop Richard Randerson is offering seminars on key topics as the Church seeks to engage with our social context.


Social Justice Seminar/Resource Options

* End of Life Choice (Euthanasia)
* Climate Change and the Church’s Response
* Same-Sex Blessings
* Are we a Moral Nation?
* God in the 21st Century: 
* A Theology of Well-being: 

For a full list, including more free resources, download the summary document. 

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Seminar Offerings

2 pg PDF

He is willing to present these seminars in person, but also to make the linked power-points freely available to any who wish to run them themselves, or simply use as a resource.

Contact:   Bishop Richard Randerson, Tel 04 976 6050; email: richardrandersonnz@gmail.com