‘It takes us all to end violence against children’

FOUR anglican leaders have contributed to a co-authored article on the issue of "ending violence against children" in the June 2018 edition of the IAFN newsletter.

Jacynthia Murphy, Operations Support Manager, General Synod Office, Tikanga Māori;
Brenda Reed, Moana Children’s Ministry, Tikanga Polynesia;
Diana Langdon, Strandz Enabler, Strandz, Tikanga Pākehā;
and Archdeacon Paul Reynolds, Social Justice Enabler, Anglican Church ANZP, Tikanga Maori;

This latest edition of IAFN’s newsletter explores the WCC’s Churches Commitments to Children initiative through stories that exemplify “candles lit for hope for children in many different parts of the world, even in places where the shadows appear to have gathered”.

excerpts from the article: The Church is called by God to love, stand alongside and advocate for those at the margins, those less powerful, and those without a voice in our society.

Partnering with children, young people and their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting the welfare of all families. It really does take a whole village to bring up a child and likewise it takes a whole community to end violence against children. To end violence against children in this Province means that we are to mobilise ourselves to go out to where they are.

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June 2018 newsletter

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Archbishop David Moxon gave the editorial opening in the newsletter, asking IAFN to help build societies where families provide homes full of love and hope.

IAFN is the International Anglican Family Network, who network across the Anglican Communion to celebrate the God-given potential of the family as a source of thriving relationships, identity, belonging, discipleship and reconciliation.