Have your say - End of Life Choice Bill

Update April 2019: the Care Alliance has done an analysis of all the submissions with the result overwhelming against the bill. The report, including videos, can be seen on their website. The Justice Select Committee report is due out on April 9, with the possible parliamentary vote in May

Update June 2018: Bishop Richard Randerson spoke on behalf of the Bishops submission to the select committee on 11th June. Read a summary article on Taonga.

Update March 2018: Our submissions have been received, and we await an invitation to speak to the Committee. Read a summary article on Taonga. 

Many of you will be aware of the End of Life Choice Bill sponsored by Hon David Seymour MP. This Bill received its first reading 13/12/17 under urgency and is currently before a Select Committee.

The Bill raises important ethical questions around suicide, euthanasia and assisted-dying, and it is critical that we understand what is proposed so that we can make sound submissions.

In order to assist your understanding of the Bill - and its potential effects - we have linked to the work of the Inter Church Bioethics Council (ICBC) which is endorsed by the Anglican Church. We trust this will help you formulate an opinion and equip you to make a submission before midnight on Tuesday 6 March 2018.

You are encouraged to make submissions according to your conscience.

Next steps?

1)      Review the process and Bill online

2)      Watch the video on 'what is Euthanasia'

3)      Read ICBC material - click the buttons below

4)      Read the submission from the Anglican Bishops of Dunedin, Christchurch, Te Waipounamu, Nelson, Wellington, Waiapu, Waikato & Taranaki, and Auckland. Submitted by Archbishop Philip Richardson. 

5)      Read other's submissions -
'Dying to Live' - Bp Jim White, Rt Rev Dr David Coles, Rt Rev John Bluck
Te    Hui    Amorangi    ki    te    Upoko    o    te    Ika    Submission   

6)      Pray and discuss this in your ministry units (include in newsletter/pewsheet/website, etc).
 This powerpoint, prepared by Richard Randerson may useful in doing so. 

7)      Make a submission by midnight Tuesday, 6 March. 

God of compassion,
You know suffering and death.
You know our fears and anxieties.
Guide us with your Holy Spirit,
That we may discern your will,
And proclaim your Gospel.
Through Jesus Christ we pray.