Downsizing Prisons, or a Mega-prison?

Matua Kim Workman is heavily involved in meetings with MP’s and Ministers, lobbying, advocacy and writing.  In the last few weeks he has produced two discussion papers and an essay in an attempt to influence the current debate – it is a defining moment in our criminal justice history.

Quick facts:

•       Prison population risen by 20% in 3 years

•       Imprisonment rate 220 per 100,000 – OECD average is 147 per 100,000

•       Criminal justice spend  three times the rate of economic growth in recent decades.

•       Predicted 44 percent increase to over 15,000 in the next ten years

•       Imprisonment rate will be 260 per 100,00 by 2028

To view the documents, you can either follow the link to a public web-version, or download the documents using the buttons below.

'Downsizing Prisons' discussion paper - view a webversion

‘A New Zealand Mega-prison – will it work' discussion paper - view a webversion