A move on mental health

At GSTHW May 2018, Motion 9: Mental Health Awareness Training was passed.

Read the full motion here.

The SWG is working hard to enact this motion, and over the coming months we will start to share resources they have found.

In the meantime, stuff has produced an excellent article in the past week.

It shares the story of young rugby player Jed Melvin who says the pressure of social media needs the outlet of trusted friends, family or school counsellors. Mental health is the biggest issue facing his generation, he reckons. The constant scrutiny of life online isn’t the only pressure - the workload at school is full-on, he says, and getting into university is tough.

The article shared organisations doing good work in this area, and there are hyperlinks to some below. If you know of any resources or organisations, especially faith-based, we’d love to hear about them. Email socialjustice@anglicanchurch.org.nz