Social Justice and the Anglican Church

“Social justice, is the heartbeat of the church.
We can’t talk theology, we can’t talk pastoral care,
we can’t talk ministry without doing social justice –
it’s the heart of our community.”

Archbishop Emeritus Winston Halapua


We believe in a society that reflects the new community that God is calling into being - the Kingdom of God. This is most clearly articulated in the Sermon on the Mount.
Social Justice is about fulfilling the commandments in scripture to stand with the poorest and most vulnerable in our society

Social Justice had a reset in 2017. After months of behind-the-scenes work, the Archbishops and the General Synod Standing Committee unveiled the church’s new approach to tackling social justice work. Find out more here (link to Taonga article).

As part of the vision for a broad-based, 3 tikanga approach to social justice, informed by experts of experience and study, we have created this website - for Anglicans, to provide resources to engage in social justice. 

Here is a live map of the people, projects, and organisations that connect with and for social justice in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

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